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Complete Component Organizer
  Anak Engineerings is a knwon brand as manufacturer of Hi-Quality Plastic Products. Presents the all new Multipurpose Plastic Complete Component Organizer with clear see through drawers for easy visibility of contents.
The unit is designed with two different sizes of drawers which enables to store things of bigger size and can be comparted with the help of partitions which provides Multipurpose utility.
Useful for storing electronic parts, hardware, imitation jewellery, diamonds, stationery etc.
Specially designed for storing CD's (Compact discs with or without cover) etc.
Useful for Offices, Workshops, Hospitals, Household, Shops & Showrooms.

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Big Drawer:
150mm X 150mm X 40mm Vertical Partition can be used in big drawer
Small Drawer:
150mm X 75mm X 40mm Horizontal Partition can be used in small drawer
More than 20 CD's can be stacked in one Big Drawer by using CD holder CD holder is provided to stack CD's (Without cover) in Big Drawer
Dimnesion Special holes are provided on the backside of the unit for wall mounting Available in Two Colours
Grey colour Transparent
Off White colour Transparent
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